The History of Alkaline Water


The history of Alkaline water starts off in the early 1950s in post-WWII Japan when experimentations into the effects of ionized water on plants and animals began.  This research was eventually expanded and by 1954 multiple Japanese agricultural universities had joined the project to see what, if any,  benefits could be achieved through the use of reduced Alkaline water on plant specimens.  These early experiments primarily focused on testing acid water used on plants and it would be many years before any human testing would occur.

Human experimentation began around 1954 after years of painstaking research on the effects of Alkaline water to animals.  The Japanese scientists working on this project were able to capture huge amounts of important data to further their research and it was concluded that  Alkaline water was indeed non-toxic and it possessed the ability to alleviate many symptoms of adult diseases.

These discoveries eventually led to the first commercially available Alkaline Water Ionizers.  This was a huge development among the Alkaline Water community as up until that point all ionizers were large units primarily found in hospitals.  This sparked further public interest in ionized water and in 1960 the Japanese government formed a panel of medical and agricultural experts to further this research.  On January 15th, 1966, Alkaline Water was officially approved as a health improvement medical device by the Health and Rehabilitation Ministry of Japan.

Alkaline Water Spreads

It didn’t take long before Japan’s neighbor Korea followed suit and in the 1970’s Korean made ionizers began to hit the marketplace.  As the global proliferation of Alkaline Water continued, Korean units eventually made their way to the United States and by 1985 toxicity tests were being conducted by the United States government into the unique benefits that ionized water could provide.

What is Alkaline Water Anyway?

Alkaline water is any water with a pH level that is greater than 7.  Alkaline water has been proven to neutralize acid in the bloodstream while at the same time helping your body to absorb the maximum amount of nutrients available.  Alkaline water boosts your metabolism by helping your body to absorb nutrients more effectively.  Drinking Alkaline Water on a daily basis has been shown to reduce the signs of aging and aid in disease prevention as well.  Alkaline Water contains healthy minerals such as magnesium, potassium, and calcium that can work to reduce the risks of high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar, kidney stones, and metabolic syndrome.  This pH adjusted water helps your body to run more efficiently and as of lately many people have been turning to this aquatic alternative to help with weight loss.

Is Alkaline Water Worth The Investment?

Considering the decades of governmental and scientific research that has been conducted on this subject, it is safe to say that drinking Alkaline Water can help you to stay healthier.  For the first time in history, Alkaline water drinkers can purchase Alkaline water already bottled.  In the past, you would need to purchase a special ionizing water filtration unit that could run you into the $10,000 price ranges.  Thankfully consumer demand has driven these cost down significantly and today’s Alkaline Water filtration systems range between $2000 and $10,000 depending on your personal preferences.

Alkaline Water in the Future

As further research is conducted into the unique benefits of Alkaline Water systems, you can expect to see more mainstream acceptance as well as a flood of new bottled water companies looking to cash in on the current trend.  Considering the undeniable health benefits provided by this revolutionary water, it’s no surprise that ionized water’s popularity continues to soar to record heights around the globe.  Stop wasting your sips on regular water and upgrade to a healthier style of living by incorporating Alkaline water into your diet today.

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