The Top 5 Ways Alkaline Water Helps You Lose Weight

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People often turn to exercise and dieting for their weightless concerns and while both of these things are important parts of the weightless pyramid, hydration is an equally important part of that equation.  People can get frustrated with their workout results when they neglect a proper hydration strategy.

Alkaline water takes hydration to the next level and the better your hydration levels the more weightless you will appreciate.  Below are 5 of the top reasons why alkaline water is the perfect addition to any weightless strategy:

Increased Metabolism

Your body needs to be properly hydrated in order to run your metabolism smoothly.  If you are dehydrated your body will have to work twice as hard to convert food into energy and this can result in extra calories forming.   Drinking a cold glass of alkaline water can help your body’s metabolism as it will naturally speed up to heat the water as it enters your system.

Eat Less and Feel Fuller

Scientific studies have shown that drinking a glass of alkaline water a half hour before a meal can help your digestive tract to produce digestive juices that assist in breaking down of nutrients in your food.  You will also feel fuller when you are properly hydrated.

Energy Boost

The next time you are feeling sluggish it may just be that your body is dehydrated.  Your body doesn’t need to lose much hydration to begin the dehydration process and around 1% is all it takes to put your body in this stressful state.  When your body is hydrated it runs at it highest efficiency; meaning that no energy is wasted on the basic operating processes such as digestion.  This also results in less cortisol (stress hormone) being produced.

Improved Muscle Functionality

When your body is properly hydrated your muscles can function at their optimal performance levels.  Water is used for lubrication between joints and if you become dehydrated you can experience muscle cramps.  This is why it is so important for marathon runners and other athletes to stay at peak hydration levels.

Alkaline water takes this theory a step further by neutralizing lactic acid that builds up in your muscular system.  Lactic acid build-up in your muscles can cause fatigue and loss of power as well as cramping and discomfort.  The more hydrated your body is, the longer you will be able to get peak performance levels.


Your body relies on hydration to function properly and your digestive system can become slow if you become dehydrated.  When your body dehydrates your colon can get dry and this is what results in constipation.  Alkaline water helps your body to flush impurities while converting helpful nutrients into fuel.  Drinking at least one glass of alkaline water a day can significantly improve your digestive system.

The Top 5 Ways Alkaline Water Helps You Lose Weight – Final Thoughts

The benefits of drinking alkaline water are endless and now that you understand how this miracle water can help you lose weight you are ready to shed those unwanted pounds with ease.  Add a glass of alkaline water to your weightloss strategy and start getting results you can be proud of.

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